Wednesday, February 5, 2020

First meeting

On January, 30th, 2020 I had my first meeting for the group project. In this meeting we began by exchanging names and was introduced to our project leader: Neal Snooke. The first of two tasks I was assigned was to organise a system for the group members to contact each-other and share any necessary information. As we all had Discord accounts, we decided to create a Discord server, this enabled us to share code, questions and links. My next task was to collect all the links to the blogs such as the one you are currently reading. I then created a simple html script and hosted it from the Aberystwyth server, this script contained links to each members blog. The final task, which was also assigned to everyone, was to read the project requirements and have an idea with how the project will continue in the next meeting.

In total since the last meeting I have spent roughly 5 hours on the tasks listed above.