Monday, April 27, 2020

28/04/2020 Integration week day 2

During this day I was tasked with the following:
  1.  Fixing my blog
  2.  Maintenance manual
Blog: Due to unexpected circumstances this blog had fallen behind with information on the project. I spent part of today correcting this and providing additional posts.

Maintenance manual: Due to external circumstances I was unable to get to bed until 7:30am, this caused me to sleep through my alarms and thus not be up for working until roughly 1pm. This caused issues with Kare and Jacob as I had been tasked with helping them create the maintenance manual. During the day I altered the first section of the document, mainly altering wording. I was unable to complete any more before the group meeting at 5pm. Due to this fact I continued working after to complete some more of the document. This was then uploaded to GITLAB for Jacob and Kare to work on the next day.

Rough total time spent working today: 6 hours

27/04/2020 Intergration week day 1

During my time working today I completed the change request form for the UI specification and uploaded the minutes to GITLAB. I also started on working through the minutes and updating them to follow the QA specification documents. My plan for tomorrow is to work with Kare and Jacob to start development on the maintenance manual.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

23/04/2020 Discord Meeting

This is the final meeting before intergration week. Due to the Robotics assignment also being due this week I was not able to complete much work for the group project this week. After the assignment deadline (24/04/2020) I will be Completing the work due and uploading it to GIT. I had an issue with GIT where the updated UI spec was not uploaded, after a reorganisation of GIT it was uploaded instantly. I was also tasked with Updating my blog as I have been neglecting it.

The testing team is to finish the FR testing and move onto the whitebox testing. Design Spec is to be updated by Shane. Sean is to continue development on the End of year report.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

16/04/2020 Discord meeting

This is the first meeting back after the easter break meaning Neal was also present at this meeting. We discussed progress we have made and showed Neal our program working and what elements we have implemented. My task for this week is to remove the comments from the UI specification and upload it to GITLAB. The testing team is to keep working on tests using the most updated version (V3.2). The UI team is to finish the translator tab. Design specification is to be updated by Shane, based on the spikework for the program. Sean is to continue the "End of year report".

Thursday, April 9, 2020

09/04/2020 Discord Meeting

The plan for this week was to continue all work from the previous week. Testing team needs to keep completing the tests. The backend team needs to keep working on merging the UI and backend, there has been a significant amount of progress since last week. Sean is to continue working on the "End of year report". My task being to continue the QA review on the UI specification.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

02/04/2020 Discord Meeting

This week the group made good progress on merging the UI and backend, changing the size of the program also alters the resolution to give an accurate resizing now. The UI specification now needs QA reviewed, I have been tasked with completing that this week. The testing team are tasked with continuing development on the tests making sure they are related to functional requirements.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

26/03/2020 Meeting Absence

Unfortunately I was unable to make the meeting this week. Due to the evolving Covid19 situation I was in the process of traveling home and did not have a working connection to the meeting.

This meeting took place on Discord, as stated above the Covid19 situation created a few issues with the project. As we couldn't meet in person we had to resort to using Discord as our main form of communication and use GITLAB as our main platform for keeping all files up to date.

Shane took the minutes for the meeting in my absence, the group was mainly tasked to keep working on previous tasks. Both the testing document and the UI specification have now recieved feedback from Chris, this feedback will be implemented in the following week. The Design Spec is on track to be finished for next monday (30/03/2020). Testing team is planning to implement a minimum of 20 tests all following the functional requirements.