Thursday, March 26, 2020

26/03/2020 Meeting Absence

Unfortunately I was unable to make the meeting this week. Due to the evolving Covid19 situation I was in the process of traveling home and did not have a working connection to the meeting.

This meeting took place on Discord, as stated above the Covid19 situation created a few issues with the project. As we couldn't meet in person we had to resort to using Discord as our main form of communication and use GITLAB as our main platform for keeping all files up to date.

Shane took the minutes for the meeting in my absence, the group was mainly tasked to keep working on previous tasks. Both the testing document and the UI specification have now recieved feedback from Chris, this feedback will be implemented in the following week. The Design Spec is on track to be finished for next monday (30/03/2020). Testing team is planning to implement a minimum of 20 tests all following the functional requirements.

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