Monday, April 27, 2020

28/04/2020 Integration week day 2

During this day I was tasked with the following:
  1.  Fixing my blog
  2.  Maintenance manual
Blog: Due to unexpected circumstances this blog had fallen behind with information on the project. I spent part of today correcting this and providing additional posts.

Maintenance manual: Due to external circumstances I was unable to get to bed until 7:30am, this caused me to sleep through my alarms and thus not be up for working until roughly 1pm. This caused issues with Kare and Jacob as I had been tasked with helping them create the maintenance manual. During the day I altered the first section of the document, mainly altering wording. I was unable to complete any more before the group meeting at 5pm. Due to this fact I continued working after to complete some more of the document. This was then uploaded to GITLAB for Jacob and Kare to work on the next day.

Rough total time spent working today: 6 hours

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